backstabbing- infighting- jealousy- forgotten stars...just another week in Hollywood.

backstabbing- infighting- jealousy- forgotten stars...just another week in Hollywood!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jennifer Aniston Breaks Down in Cake Trailer

courtesy of WochitEntertainment

Jennifer Aniston's Cake performance is getting lots of Oscar buzz, and after watching the full-length trailer, it's easy to see why! Jen plays Claire Simmons, a woman addicted to prescription painkillers after an injury leaves her in chronic pain. When Nina, a member of her support group played by Anna Kendrick, commits suicide, Claire becomes obsessed with piecing together the broken fragments of her past life—all while breaking down in her own relentless quest for drugs.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top 10 Smartest People In the World 2014

The world is full of famous people. Many of them don't even have super powers either! They are famous for a variety of reasons like being outrageously good looking, being able to deliver 2 and a half lines of dialogue with a semblance of sincerity, having more money than any human being has any business having, or getting elected to some position where they have to look competent if not actually busy.That's not even mentioning the people who get too much plastic surgery or get themselves implanted with multiple artificially inseminated embryos. These are some of the many paths to fame. Or you could just try walking around with your underwear on top of your clothes and shitty side out!

Then there are those folks who get some level of fame for being "smart". You might have even heard their names once or twice - "Wasn't he on Jeopardy?". They're usually people who've passed some test and may or may not have a first class education in a technical field; something like teaching nanobots to manipulate widgets and an atomic level. That's the kind of stuff that may have no real world applications but can really clean up in research grants!

Anyway here now are a list of some of the smartest people you've never heard of. Fame, it can happen to anyone!

Coming soon -Did Jennifer Aniston break down in a cake trailer? The answer to that may surprise you, so check out tomorrow's post and find out!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Full Cosby Exchange With AP on Allegations

AS you may or may not be ware comedian Bill Cosby as become the object of some disturbing allegations. So far as many as 13 women have claimed the Cos had non consensual sex with them; by drugging them and taking advantage of them when they were unable to consent. These allegations have been circulating around for years. However they never fully came to the light of day. That may partly be due to the fact  that Cosby has payed off many of the alleged victims. It may also be due to the fact that The Cos don't add fuel to the fire by discussing the matter publicly. Especially not with journalists. Here is one of the few occasions when the subject came up, and this time with Associated Press!

BTW The World's Most Dangerous Supermodel, Janice Dickinson, is also claiming that Cosby had unlawful sexual relations with her. She was auditioning for a part on the Cosby Show at the time. SO the Cos invites her down to Lake Tahoe for drinks and negotiations. Janice goes on to say that the Cos offered her red wine and a pill. When she awoke - according to Dickinson - she was in a state of undress and had signs of sexual assault "semen between the legs".

Dickinson claims that when she later penned her autobiography - No Lifeguard On Duty, she had included the incident but Cosby's lawyers pressured her publishers to drop the incident. While some question Dickinson's veracity - suspecting that perhaps she 'exaggerated' for publicity, Howard Stern has recently aired a 2006 interview with Ms Dickinson in which she described the Cos as some kind of creep - "not a nice man, and preys on women". So that was well before the brouhaha hit the fan.

Oh yeah - former TV daughter Lisa Bonet has also added her own cryptic tweet.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why settle for fame when you can have power?

Fame is kind of like power but with only the perks but none of the real muscle. For instance no matter how famous you are you probably couldn't invade a small country and over throw their government, unless you're Angelina Jolie or some body. Even she couldn't afford the price tag on the air craft carriers required to see her humanitarian missions through. She could try to pick up some decommissioned ordinance cheep, however her best bet might be using a fleet of specially modified cruise ships that tinsel town tricked out for some action film. That plus a few FX effects and she might manage a coup in one of the poorer and less informed nations (does Kazakhstan have a coast line?). So celebrities ferocious power drives have to make do with harmless and hollow substitutes like Oscar Awards and addresses to the Democratic/Republican National Convention ("Hey these people wanna hear what I have to say!").

So what's the big deal about power, besides the ability to push other people around and make them do what you want? In the following videos three Canadians - who perhaps know less about power than Hollywood celebrities - "muse" on the nature and meaning of power. It would be good if you paid extra special attention to what these luminaries have to says since it's MacLean's Magazine's 1st annual power list and if it doesn't do well there might not be a second! So here are our power trio to tell you what it's like to wield the kind of awesome power that only red carpet divas in mid tantrum usually experience!

Just remember that if you decide to pursue power as a way of life there are some side effects. For one thing it can drive you madder than a dog with rabies.Then  you'll loose all sense of proportion. Blowing up large portions of the world to make your own life a little more convenient might seem like a good idea. it might even seem clever - but if you've reached that point then power related brain damage might be setting in - you know just like Gollum and than ring that curdled his brains in the LOTR books. So you'll even be fiddling while Rome burns because the Gotterdammerung back drop adds the right degree of drama to your otherwise mediocre and overdone music! When it reaches that point some of your nearest and dearest will sneak up behind you and put one right through the back of your head -  for the good of humanity, and because they hate to see you that way (Many future tyrants start out as promising individuals with no skills or abilities other than an overarching belief in themselves - called charisma - to see them on their way, and attract the true believers. So they have a few lackeys near by ready to pull the trigger if worst comes to worst.).

So remember gentle reader that while you're entertaining yourself with the latest celebrity outrage tales about bleached blonde botoxed hasbeens throwing Miss Piggy style hissy fits because some on didn't recognize them, or because some slip of a barista at Starbucks blurted "My mother loves you!" to keep it in the context of good fun and cautionary tale. There are worse things than living a regular life. If not then you too could go mad with power!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Former Supermodel Janice Dickinson: Bill Cosby raped me too

courtesy of HLN

Add former supermodel Janice Dickinson to the growing list of women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault.She told "Entertainment Tonight" it happened in 1982 when she was trying to get on "The Cosby Show."Dickinson is the third woman to accuse him of sexual assault recently.Cosby has denied previous allegations and he has not commented about Dickinson'€™s accusations.He's never been charged with a crime.Today's must-see, must-share stories are in the daily speed feed. For more information please visit


Monday, November 17, 2014

Charlize Theron questioned by police

Charlize Theron had some explaining to do recently. It started innocently enough with some family time (Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita, California): an hiking trip with Sean Penn, and their son Jackson. Jackson was given a time out by mom, for some inappropriate behavior maybe. Anyway the kid throws a five alarm fit. Tantrums they called them back in the old days.

There was such a commotion that a near by hiker approached to ask if anything was wrong. Charlize told him to back off - and that everything's fine. However hiker then phones the cops to complain about an overwrought child. That's when the police show up to question Ms Theron, and I suppose Mr Penn as well.

NOw they really shouldn't have blow the kid's fit out of proportion - cause you know who his father is!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Johnny Depp Drunk at Hollywood Film Awards

Off the Depp End

Johnny Depp shows up drunk for Mike Myers Superminsch award
So what's with the Depp these days? There is that rumour about Amber Head cheating with Tatum Channing! Amber is the one he left Vanessa Paradis for - so he can never go back to France! France was a good locale for Johnny, since if he did something a little over the line it might get covered up. Local girl dating a Hollywood legend - you know how it is. Now he's back in Hollywood, sans Paradis, and things ain't so well ocvered anymore.

Like at a recent Hollywood Awards show. Johnny was there as a presetner for a new flick on Shem Gordorn (he was one of the three stooges wasn't he?) called Superminsch! It's actually a Mike Myers’ documentary, “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.” 'Whicvh he is' as Johnny points out in his memorable speech.

Goolge Glasses give Liv Tyler the hee bee gee bees because she's afraid that they're more spy wear than eye wear, but unless they're being worn by Agent Erin (Esurance) Alias Tangerine - relax like you're Johnny Depp on Johnny Walker
Problem is that Johnny had some technical difficulties during the deleivery. Let's call them elocution problems. Seems that Johhny was so drunk during the speech that he had difficulty getting the words out edgewise.He also lost his Jack Sparrow see legs - and let's face it, he was waving around like Micha Barton in front of the beer store! Anyway the whole thing got recorded, probably on one of those annoying little cell phones, or perhaps on one of those Goolge Glasses (those things give Liv Tyler the hee bee gee bees!)

Upshot being that the Depp was so drunk that CBS cut him after about one minute. That's okay, that happens; however the evidence is preserved here on video for the voyeuristically minded to review - so go on and knock yerselves out!!!


Well wasn't that something. He was much more well behaved than Danny Devito on the View (Danny is a loveable drunk! Even more loveable than Rosie "ching chong" O Donnell sober!). Naturally Twitter went into overdrive.  Just like the Princeton Eggs do right before some one who isn't supposed to win the lottery does! It's an Illuminati pre cog thing to make sure money doesn't go into the wrong hands (The Princeton Eggs I mean, and not the lottery). Twitters say soemtone should've stopped Johnny from getting on stage like that and making a fool of himself. Meanwhile Mike Myers, the man behind the Superminsch, described the proceedings as "very rock n roll". Looked more 'on the rocks' to me but what do I know? I'm merely an experienced alcoholic ;)

Either way he'd better get it together or he's gonna be playing that drunk guy from the Dean Mertin Celebrity Roasts!

Now, and just to mess with your heads, here's a combinate photmanip combining Angelina Jolie with her dad Jon Voight, coiurtesy of Either it's gonna completely spoil your Angleina fatasies, or you're gonna start spending inordinate amounts of time thinking about Jon Voight wearing hairspray and lipstick.

Putting them together like that makes them kinda look like Renee Zellweger before the extensive plastic surgery makeover! Now that's bound to get freaky for William Bradley Pitt in a few years!

AS for Johnny and his slip, just remember that anyone can have one of those nights - even if they're a super special wonder person!





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