backstabbing- infighting- jealousy- forgotten stars...just another week in Hollywood.

backstabbing- infighting- jealousy- forgotten stars...just another week in Hollywood!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi has a bad week

It's been a bad week for Jian Ghomeshi. There'd been rumours about him swirling around for awhile, everyone is saying now. Rumours that he did things to women that although consensual, was stuff he didn't want his teddy bear to see. So clearly he knew it was wrong! Stuff like tying up available young women, and then practicing what some call "tough love". Jian's a media professional so he's more careful with language. He avoids the euphemism, and simple calls it 'rough sex'. By the sounds of the allegations, it was more rough than sex, too!

Anyway the police have finally gotten in on the act. They are investigating two cases of tough love that may have crossed the line. This is because they now have some names and details to grow with the ever growing particle cloud of gossip. One of the women might even be familiar. She's Lucy DeCouture. Though she's a capt. in the Royal Canadian Air Force these days, once upon a time she was Lucy, Ricky's girlfriend, in the Trailer Park Boys. So she's kind of the inspiration of Jaime Pressly on My Name Is Earl!

Source:Toronto police investigating Jian Ghomeshi allegations - Canada - CBC News

Michael Enright: The Ghomeshi revelations and the CBC workplace


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tom Hanks in Mr Random & the Nice Guy

People talk about celebrities like they`re self entitles you know what`s. Like George & Amal Ramzi Alamuddin - Clooney`s recent hostile take over of several Italian resorts for their Most Anticipated Wedding of the Year. Some of us are already worrying about what George has gotten himself into this time. Amal is starting to flounce around with a smug, stern, self important look on her face. Even the blog that discovered her - Your Barrister Boyfriend - is posting some mildly negative descriptions of her. They`re afraid that she`s poised for some kind of bid for world domination or something.Of course Amal is new to the celebrity racket.

what`s Tom Hanks doing with this cabbie - Hit the link to get the story!
Now much of that ego tripping celeb thing is merely half truth half the time. There are some genuine bonafide nice guys in Hollywood and not only did they not finish last, some made it to the A List! Like Tom Hanks. Hanks is a sharp cookie who brings something extra to any performance, even an old episode of TAXI, for instance. He also as a lively interest in science & space which resulted in his Apollo 13 film. What you might not know is that Hanks is also one of the nicest guys in the world, like when he recently made friends with a random cab driver. We`ll call him `Mr Ferrari` for the sake of anonymity. That chance meeting got the lucky guy a ticket and back stage invite to Hanks new Broadway show!

For more low down link to the National Post.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Johhny Cash`s son arrested after naked airport freakout

Pi Broch

Johnny Carter Cash was cut slack until locals realized he wasn`t Ron Hynes
Johnny Cash was the hard drinking hard living authentic voice of country music. He was like Lee Marvin with a guitar. So how do the kids manage with the legacy. His son Johnny Carter Cash likes to engage in manly pursuits like hunting and fishing. One of his favorite spots is in the Canadian province of Newfoundland. That was also a favorite spot of former US President George H W Bush the Elder - you know the good one who fought in the war and not the incompetent frat boy everyone blames for the state of America today! Big George used to like to stay with his friend late Newfoundland businessman Craig Dobbin - head of Canadian Helicopter International (formerly Sealand). Big George would breeze in through Hanger 4 at Torbay, and then off for some fun. That is until the day he fell down a sink hole in Labrador while taking a piss behind a rock. It turned out well but there were 4 very concerned Secret Service guards hovering around until it resolved. Also it was the end of a beautiful friendship as Big George never did return to the Republic of Doyle (PS all the boys at hangar 4 said that George was a perfect gentleman, and as likeable & down to earth as a hereditary millionaire could possibly be! So he got a hearty 2 thumbs up.). The moral of the story is be careful where you whip it out, especially in a bog!

Down on the Rock, & on the rocks

That brings us to Johnny jr. He was also down on the Rock, hunting and fishing. As he is wont to do. Anyway the party got lively, as it will in Newfoundland. By the time Cash got to the airport he was pissed drunk, to use a local term. Anyway that lead to some disorderly behavior and a report to the police for disturbing the peace. By the time local fuzz got tot the scene of the crime, the 44 year old country performer was in his under wear. So it was off tot he local pokey to sober up. After that Cash was released and sent on his way. No mug shot available because it was Newfoundland, and they don`t go for sleazy shit like selling mug shots down there. Also TMZ was unable to find the area code.

Incidentally JCC ain`t the only entertainer to look for liquid solace in Newfoundland. Back after Russell Crowe went on his phone throwing binge (well it was only one phone but it got some attention, so let`s call it an incident to be technically correct and less sensationalist), he dropped out for a while. When he came to he was on George Street St John`s Newfoundland. That`s the street that has more bars per square inch than anywhere else in Canada. So Russy must a been on some bender! Anyway it turned out well as Russ made friends with local song writer Alan Doyle, and renewed hi own interest in song writing. So celebrities, if you`re out there reading - why not give Newfoundland a try. It`s the place where stranger things have happened!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Jian Gomeshi into kink

Gagged Adriana Lima is our special celebrity bondage gust model in this story about CBC host Jian Gomeshi and his allegedly bondage related firing and 50 million dollar law suit
Jian Gomeshi is the host of CBC Radio's highly successful morning chat show called Q. That makes him the successor to Canadian cultural icon Peter Moringside Gsowski, and lines him up for hi profile gigs like hosting the Geller literary prize. That hi flying career is ion jeopardy now as JG sues the Corp for $50 mill in wrongful dismissal. Jian claims he's being canned for his interest in kink. It's mild stuff really and just  like the stuff Angelina Jolie is into. The other side of the story seems to be that Jian comes on strong with he ladies and so had to go. Here's the least you need to know:

Jian claims that the CBC canned him when rumours of his freaky sex life started coming to life. It was mild stuff really - bondage and role playing. The gave him an alternative to jump or be pushed and he let them push. Then they asked him to go along with a release that the parting was consentual and that Jian was taking some me time. Jian said the hell with that and got his lawyers on the job. He also is taking the deal before a labor tribunal to force the CBC to reinstate him.

His opponents - 4 anonymous women - claim that Jian likes to punch them around and "hate fuck" them. He takes it way beyond role play, and into unwanted and non consensual physical assaults. Plus there are some allegations of ass grabbing and other unwanted creepy attention in the work place that might fall under the designation of sexual harassment.

Jian responds by saying that this is the work of a mean bitch he used to date. They met on and off for role playing and consensual "tough love". She was totally into it until Jian refused to commit. Then she got nasty. When he started seeing other women she didn't like that, and things took a turn for the worse. According to JG his jilted former lover then set out on a campaign of harassment. That lead to facebook and social media misfortune.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Selena Gomez is looking rough

Dating Justin Bieber might not be as much fun as you'd think. Sure there's the drugs, cops, and constant scandal. However there's got to be some kind of a down side. Just look at how Selena Gomez looked recently when she turned up at Craig's at West Hollywood. The poor girl looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Then again the police made a a call to her home lately when one of Bieber's wild parties got out of hand.

6/23/14 - Selena Gomez arriving to Craig’s in West Hollywood.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Penn & Teller Meet Prince Charles

Magic can take you all sorts of strange places. It recently too celebrity magicians Penn & Teller to a meet up with the Prince of Wales. He's the one whose grandson throws things. So the Palace must be keeping him away from the galas until he's older. It would just be such a scene if Georgie tossed the wrong thing at the wrong person. Chocolate pudding right on the front of one of Angelina Jolie's designer gowns - just imagine!

Teller on the other hand was a big hit. He had the Prince cracking up. Maybe this is why Penn never lets him speak in public. Here's some photographic evidence of Teller's considerable prowess as a raconteur. Incidentally you don't read a sentence like that on celebrity gossip blogs every day - which you might since spell check makes working in words like 'raconteur' a snap. Unless your computer has gone mildly retarded in which case Teller would have amazing prowess as a 'raccoon'. Now that would be magically enough to include in the act!

So remember that if you gotta go some where swanky like the country club, or Wimbledon, and you're afraid of coming off all Rodney Dangerfield, then take Teller along!




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