backstabbing- infighting- jealousy- forgotten stars...just another week in Hollywood.

backstabbing- infighting- jealousy- forgotten stars...just another week in Hollywood!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kate Upton Shits on Cameron Diaz's Boobs

Peeking through the boob window - Have they started calling Kate Upton "Powergirl" yet?

Kate Upton as Power Girl from DC Comics
Now not shit literally, & maybe not even intentionally. A little back ground on this big boob blow up. Kate Upton is a bikini swim wear model who gained fame through the Sport's Illustrated swimsuit edition. She was rookie of the year back in 2011, and had the covers in 2012 and 2013. Her claim to fame is that she's blond and good looking, in that Baywatch sort of way, and she also sports a great big pair of boobs - also in a Baywatch sort of way. That can get a girl a lot of attention. It's even gotten her a part in The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz! This is where the tit shittin' comes in!

let the tit shittin' begin!

Kate was giving some interview or something where she was obliged to talk about the other woman, Cameron Diaz, and her two costars dangling from her chest. Kate said that having fabulous bosoms might be every other woman's dream, but quite frankly it's a nuisance for her. It makes it impossible for her to wear certain kinds of clothes (just ask Powergirl!) like spaghetti tops (who's picturing Upton covered in spaghetti right now?). Plus people keep 'bringing them up". I'm not sure what she means since they look pretty well 'brought up'. I guess she means they make tongues wag.

bothersome bosoms 

more Kate Upton as Powergirl
The upshot is that Kate finds big boobage a mixed blessing.  Or possibly just excess baggage. She could have the best of both worlds - she says in interview - if the gal's were 'clip ons'. That way, and like fashionable accessories, she could strap on the big guns for special occasions - like a SI cover. Then when she wanted to blend in  with the crowd, she could snap those big ole suckers off, stow them some where out of the way, perhaps stuffed roughly into a car glove compartment, or discreetly crammed into a gala party swag bag for later use.

rent a boob and Wonder Woman's crash bags!

It's a good idea that Kate had since detachable boobs might even be a potential money maker. Kate could rent them out to other actresses when she herself is not using them. She might pass 'em on to Gal Gadot for her Wonder Woman work for instance! The studio could pick up Upton's tab, and Gadot could add a tip for the tits! Then Gadot could go out and fight crime with authority! Once her work is done she could then return them back to Upton, & probably worse for wear with a few bullet holes covered up with duct tape. Wonder Woman plays rough you know!

Kate tries getting something off of her chest

Does Kate Upton need a Powergirl boob window?
So it was a sweet little interview where Kate comes off as an engaging and likable bimbo, until... she brings her Other Woman co star Cameron Diaz into it! Now no one will ever know whether what Kate said next was the result of a streak of cattiness, or whether she meant well and was having a blonde moment. After talking about the tremendous responsibility of carting her two whopping eye magnets around where ever she goes, whether she wants them along or not, she then goes on to wish for a better bod. She claimed that she would like something less unwieldy, more sleek and sporty. Most of all she'd like a nice pair of modest boobs - & something inconspicuous - like Cameron Diaz has! She put it nicely, saying that Diaz has a perfect body. However it comes off like "My magnificent big boobs are getting on my nerves, and if I were Cameron I wouldn't have that problem."

Battling boobs

Now if you know anything about chicks then you know that you don't go ragging on another woman's boobs. Especially if your's are bigger! It just triggers all those latent female rivalry issues. Even if you're Wonder Woman you don't wanna hear Powergirl going on and on about how she needs Super Strength to lug her magnificent mammaries around, and how Diana is so lucky that she can use all her strength in the fight against evil! They might be on the same team, but when super heroines start trash talking each other's tits like that then there's gonna be blood on the floor of the Hall of Justice!

more ridiculous breast jokes

As for Diaz, she seems to have taken the dissing like a sport. Cameron officially responded that Upton is "more than a pair of boobs"! I'd have told Upton to count her blessings. For instance she never ever needs to worry about whether the auto air bags will deploy in case of a crash. That's because she comes already fully equipped with her own! If she happens to trip up and fall forward, perhaps on some important occasion, then she'll avoid an embarrassing slip by bouncing right back onto her feet! People will do a 'double take' at that! The best part is that should Kate ever get in over her head, then she has her own personal flotation devices! Just like the old Mae West life jackets! As for floating her way out of this, she'll prob do just find, with a little help from her two close friends & bosom buddies!


Friday, April 18, 2014


FYK - For Your Kimformation

DListed doesn't like Kim Kardashian, & blabbed about Beyonce's cosmetic procedures!
DListed doesn't like Kim Kardashian
Entertainment journalism is taking information and turning it into meaningful gossip. Celebrity blogging likes to keep the gossip as meaningless as possible. The information, though juicy, might be irrelevant. Like in the piece the good people at DListed recently did about the alleged tension between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian!

Join the Kimmunity!

Kim and Beyonce run in the same circles since Beyonce, JayZ, & Kanye West - Kim's significant other, all run in the same circles, with occasional appearance by Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin. Not so much Chris these days. He's still in the picture. It's just that his role is undefined now. Gwyneth might still be around. She's needs her friends support right now. Though it should be said that Pepper Potts is quite the formidable lady. She made Vanity Fair pull in their horns and back up. The point is that paths cross, people run into each other, and when there are underlying tensions in the relationship then they can surface during unexpected chance meetings. Like recently between Beyonce and Kim Possible, as covered on DListed!


Now this is where the art of celebrity Internet blogging & meaningless gossip combo'd with irrelevant information comes in! DListed does a very lively and saucy piece. Their writing has some real bite to it. That's prob why it's the blog now, along with TMZ; & after Perez Hilton got into the music biz and went soft! Not that Perez went soft. It's just that he's kinder & gentler, and a celebrity friendly Perez Hilton. It's like a Batman scenario where the Joker gets hit with Good Guy Gas and is still just as crazy, but not as lively and entertaining as back in the days when he was trying to blow up Hollywood Gotham with only an Internet connection! Don't get me wrong - PH just found creative things that he'd rather be doing. That's good on him! It's just that some of us lowly bloggers miss the days when he almost single handedly gave us a kind of main stream credibility we never had before, or since! It's like the pain of having a really good conspiracy theory conclusively debunked. You've lost a weird guilty pleasure!


As for DListed, they spend much of the column referring to Kim as an "action figure" - fully articulated and with a variety of poses! Not really an action figure, but they refer to her as a life sized "Kim doll" numerous times. By numerous times I mean the 1st 2 paragraphs. You can only wonder what kind of action accessories Kim Possible comes with, like go go boots, and a utility belt that's wrapped around a slinky catsuit.


Now to violently pull you away from those Diana Rigg Emma Peel Avengers fantasies, & back to gossip! According to DListed Kim & Beyonce turned up at the dermatologist's office at the same time. Kim was very friendly with Beyonce, but Beyonce seemed a little busy and distracted. DListed extrapolates from this that Beyonce hates Kardashian's guts and tries to avoid her whenever possibly. Whenever it's not possible then she begrudges Kardashian what ever attention that she's obliged to give her. "You again? Ugh! Haven't we already spoken once or something? So what do you want now?"


I'm not sure what basis there is for this, since Beyonce is a pretty busy woman, so unless you're Michelle Obama, or an ardent fan, she's probably gonna come off busy and distracted. Time is money and her schedule must be booked tight. Just imagine what 5 mins of Beyonce's time is worth! So if she comes off as "oh that's nice dear...", while edging towards the door, it's understandable. You don't need to read too much into that. It doesn't necessarily mean that Beyonce would spit on Kardashian if she could get away with it, or anything (though what might go on between consenting adults in the enchanted land of Hollywood is not for us to judge, only to fantasize about. It's a freaky place!).


Oh yeah and they (DListed) call Kim a 'creepy stalker'. I think they're trying to infer that Kardashian is stalking Beyonce or something, or perhaps is some how fixated on her as a powerful alpha female- even though only this one instance of them crossing paths is mentioned. Now if there were repeated instances, that were too much for random coincidence, or if Kim had been spotted outside Beyonce's residence, laying in wait with a net and hand cuffs, then I'd say that they were on to something. She might have to channel her inner superheroine Sasha Fierce to sort things out. One chance meeting at the dermatologist isn't a case of girl on girl fixation or anything, and probably no reason for Beyonce to start changing clothes in phone booth. Of course if she really wants to then she can go ahead!


The thing is that Kim's an easy target. She had that reality TV show. A sex tape is forgivable. It's even laudable these days. No one likes reality. It's just something that everyone watches. So people dislike Kim Kardashian & co. It's as though America had decided the Kardashians were some creepy calculating reality TV version of the 1950's Gabor Sisters! So Kim gets her share of shade thrown on her. America just isn't completely comfortable with a smart businesswoman, unless he makes it naked in Playboy!

A Miss Kimmunication?

It's not easy being a tough smart cookie, but Kim finds a way!
Anyway DListed tries to paint out this whole big tense feud between Beyonce and Kim K. That may be true. However DListed hasn't exactly given us overwhelming evidence of that. It's titillating, but meaningless gossip. They do give us some unrelated information though. They went on to say that Kim asked for the same dermatological procedures as Beyonce, as though she has to copy Beyonce in everything now. They then went on to say that the procedure was botox and fillers - which Dlisted points out, was prob what Kardashian was gonna get anyway. So who knows how Beyonce will take that? If you're Beyonce then you might not want the world knowing that you get your million dollar face fixed regularly. Also, and though Kim's an attractive gal, you might not want people thinking that you need the same work as she does. You're Beyonce and in a league by yourself! Maybe Beyonce will hold it against DListed, instead of Kim?


Thursday, April 17, 2014

4/17/14 - Taylor Swift leaving her apartment in NYC

 out around in front with Taylor Swift

Many people are familiar with Taylor Swift. They've seen her on TV at numerous award shows, or being interviewed on a variety of entertainment news shows where she might talk about her relationships or her hit singles. So she's usually dressed up, made up, and very well presented.  Just as we're accustomed to see her.

So what does Taylor look like when she's off duty? Say when she's casually sashaying out around in front of her swanking NYC digs? Well and as usual she's dressed up, made up, and very well presented - but in a less Hollywood red carpet awards gala glam and more Hollywood everyday wear glam slightly businesslike kind of way. In this case it's a snazzy black jacket, and black mini, and some sleek black stockings!  Just have a look at these recent pix of Swifty

4/17/14 - Taylor Swift leaving her apartment in NYC.

Is Transcendental Meditation making a come back, or is it just catching on again?  Jennifer Aniston recently attributed TM as the secret to her youthful looks. Ellen DeGeneres has claimed that twice daily TM practice helps her remain calm and centered. Oprah Winfrey treated her entire staff to TM classes after checking out the TM center in Fairfield, Iowa. Clint Eastwood has practiced it for years. Then there are the TM comedians, from Russell Brand (his ex Katy Perry is also a practitioner), and including the aforementioned Ellen, to the late great Andy Kauffman. Jerry Seinfeld and Howard Stern are also TM practitioners and discuss Howard's TM experiences in this episode of Comedians Getting Coffee in Cars! That's Jerry's new foray in to drive through comedy.


Catherine Zeta-Jones Debuts New Bangs, Tom Cruise seeing "Donna" from That 70's Show

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones are still technically separated but they're getting out and about together. Like at a recent red carpet outing. It gave Catherine Zeta a chance to show off her new hairstyle.

courtesy of  WochitEntertainment

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas wowed on the red carpet last
night, posing together and smiling for photographers, despite separating
just eight short months ago. The gorgeous actress wore a striking black
ensemble with a plunging neckline paired with an embellished clutch and
dazzling drop earrings and she showcaed hot new hairstyle. The brunette
beauty debuted fresh new bangs that framed her face and drew attention
to her sparkling eyes effortlessly.

There's also some Tom Cruise in the news. Tom is dating Topher Grace's old girlfirend from That 70's Show, Laura Prepon! No word on whether Tom was a fan of her former sit com, but sources say he wanted to meet her after watching her on Orange is the New Black.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jenny McCarthy Is Engaged!

Guess who's gettin' hitched! & she's doin' it with a yellow sapphire engagement ring! BTW she's engaged to Donnie Wahlberg. According to Jenny on the View he made numerous proposal attempts and finally enlisted the help of her eleven year old son Evan. That cinched it.

Let's hope she uses the ring's power for good!

You'll probably wanna have a look at the ring. Yellow sapphires aren't something you hear about everyday. This particular specimen is so big and bright that it probably has some kind of Yellow Lantern super powers associated with it. Jenny will have to be careful where she points it. Should it be fully charged for the fight against evil, and go off accidentally while pointed in the wrong direction, who knows what effect it might have! View colleagues might be sent into the Phantom Zone with nothing more than an evil look and a flash of Yellow Star Sapphire Lantern Power! Annoying Internet bloggers might be reduced to gibbering idiots (but who could tell the difference?)! Reese Witherspoon might accidentally get called "Jenny McCarthy" in an interview. Anything could happen under the influence of this super sapphire!

Readers with glaucoma or detached retina may want to avert their eyes!

Now lest you think that these are wild exaggerations just have a gander at the ring in question featured in the photo below, which got posted about one hour ago over @ news-headlines-info.

Donnie Wahlberg makes it official with fiancee Jenny McCarthy - with the help of her son Evan and a huge yellow sapphire ring


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

AMC Movie Talk - Steve Jobs Biopic Needs New Director, MAN OF STEEL 2 Ge...

courtesy of  AMC Theatres

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday April 15th 2014) we discuss:

David Fincher leaves Steve Jobs biopic
First GONE GIRL trailer
Hans Zimmer to score MAN OF STEEL 2
Helen Mirren joins Cranston in TRUMBO
Brad Pitt to lead THE OPERATORS
MTV Movie Awards vs Oscars
and more!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official TV Spot - Brothers (2014) - Megan Fox

Hunger Games Catching Fire has just won a slew of awards like Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, & Best Picture at the MTV Movie Awards! So it's already old news! Just like that upcoming lunar eclipse that the media keeps going on about. You need some new news like  Michael Bay and Megan Fox together again. They had a painful Sonny & Cher type break up in which Megan went off to find herself or something. Maybe they just needed their space and some time apart. It had almost reached the point of seeing other people when Bay cast Rosie Huntington Whiteley to play Megan opposite Shia Labouef in the last Transformers movie!  It's good for Meggers that she patched it up with Bay, because I hear he was auditioning Julia Voth to be the new foxy brunette!

Is Julia Voth the New Foxy Brunette?
FYI Megan and Julia have their similarities like both are Taurus girls: Megan May 15 & Julia May 16. Both had rural upbringings: Megan in Tennessee & Julia in Saskatchewan. Both have Sci Fi & action related experience: Megan with Transformers, and Julia as the human model for Resident Evil video game's Jill Valentine! Both have had entertainment related 'controversies': Megan had a hi profile spat with director Michael Bay, and in Julia's case I hear that Milla Jovovich fears her (Let's face it Julia was the natural choice for the role of Jill Valentine in the recent RE flick)! Don't believe me? Then view the following photo of the Resident Evil beauties together! The while scene is riddled with tension, & Milla has that "hide the sharp objects' look!




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