backstabbing- infighting- jealousy- forgotten stars...just another week in Hollywood.

backstabbing- infighting- jealousy- forgotten stars...just another week in Hollywood!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Selena Gomez is looking rough

Dating Justin Bieber might not be as much fun as you'd think. Sure there's the drugs, cops, and constant scandal. However there's got to be some kind of a down side. Just look at how Selena Gomez looked recently when she turned up at Craig's at West Hollywood. The poor girl looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Then again the police made a a call to her home lately when one of Bieber's wild parties got out of hand.

6/23/14 - Selena Gomez arriving to Craig’s in West Hollywood.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Penn & Teller Meet Prince Charles

Magic can take you all sorts of strange places. It recently too celebrity magicians Penn & Teller to a meet up with the Prince of Wales. He's the one whose grandson throws things. So the Palace must be keeping him away from the galas until he's older. It would just be such a scene if Georgie tossed the wrong thing at the wrong person. Chocolate pudding right on the front of one of Angelina Jolie's designer gowns - just imagine!

Teller on the other hand was a big hit. He had the Prince cracking up. Maybe this is why Penn never lets him speak in public. Here's some photographic evidence of Teller's considerable prowess as a raconteur. Incidentally you don't read a sentence like that on celebrity gossip blogs every day - which you might since spell check makes working in words like 'raconteur' a snap. Unless your computer has gone mildly retarded in which case Teller would have amazing prowess as a 'raccoon'. Now that would be magically enough to include in the act!

So remember that if you gotta go some where swanky like the country club, or Wimbledon, and you're afraid of coming off all Rodney Dangerfield, then take Teller along!


Monday, June 23, 2014

The Lighter Side of Prince George

The kid is already showing a wild side as the below gifs evidence. Can't wait until he gets his first play date with the Pitt-Jolies. That's gonna be fireworks.

cranky crown prince

There's something likeable about that kid. The way he tosses the flower on the ground after it's just been handed to him just screams "bah, humbug!". Don't worry though, the Palace will grind any signs of humanity out of him by the time he's 6. By then he should be a well behaved young prince and ready for the public.

Speaking of well behaved in public, it seems like Justin Bieber is hooked up with Selena Gomez again. At least they were photographed out in public together. These weren't just casual tossing flowers to the ground pix either, but real romantic tet et tet restaurant photos. So the Biebs shelled out on a meal for her. Now that money could'a been spent on sizzurp, or increasingly these days lawyers. So I guess that he's serious or something.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

A View From Space June 21 2014

Midsummer is a hi witching holiday. The Illuminati are a pack of witches. Many show people use the occult as an entry point into the Illuminati. So by a very simple process of 'logic' yesterday as a kind of a big deal in Hollywood (or Holly Wood - named after the sorcerer's 'holy rood' or magic stick). Every Witch and Grand Druid in Tinseltown must've been all a twitch during a summer solstice that followed the hyped 'super moon' that occurred only seven days ago.

Now we don't know what they know. The occult is kinda exclusive like that. However we can get the broad brush strokes. That's where conspiracy theorists come in. When you get a really really good conspiracy theorists then you not only get broad brush strokes but some details too. Conspiracies are kinda like gossip in that way.

Now when it comes to really really good conspiracy theorists there are none better than Toronto's own Gary Spaceman Bell! He predicted the previous world cups winners and he's not even a soccer fan. He did it purely on 'occult knowledge' (the games are rigged and victories arranged for their magical significance, like the funerary games of ancient Greece and Rome, which were used to propitiate the gods and honor the dead - pure Paganism!). If that ain't enough denials to fill in the broad brush strokes he's also predicting, this week, that Prince William (who recently received the very thoughtful gift of a luxury helicopter from the Queen - Elizabeth II -  for his solstice birthday) will ascend to the throne at his 33rd birthday. It's a magically significant number: Both Christ and Alexander died at 33, plus 33 is the highest degree of ascension in freemasonry. Incidentally most planes leaving airports take off at a 33 degree angle!

So if you'd like to broaden your horizons, and even inform yourself about the occult agenda operating in the shadows of our world (now you know there gotta be a reason while Iraqi militants are calling themselves ISIS), then take a couple of hours or so to get the low down from the an himself, by listening to the podcast below! It'll change the way you think about shit, even if you don't believe a weird word of it! - A View From Space June 21 2014

In other news it's red letter days for Foxy Canadian Julia Voth. Hello magazine has named her one of it's Most Beautiful, and she's got nominated for a Leo Award as Best Female Lead in a Sit Com for her Package Deal work. So much kudos. BTW if you wanna up your internet traffic then just slap up some Julia Voth pictures or make some passing references. Every North America male between 18 & 45 knows who she is, largely through Bitchslap and Maxim Magazine!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Paul McCartney with Carl Perkins: My Old Friend [Rare documentary] 1993

Today is Sir Paul McCartney's birthday. He's famous for being a poor boy who did well - really really well. The Sir a the beginning of his name is a hint about that. He also co wrote, along with John Lennon,  some of the most famous popular music of the 20th century. That was back in his Beatles days. He can also get some credit for helping to introduce Transcendental Meditation to the west. TM is still popular and even enjoying a resurgence with new celebrity practitioners like Jennifer Aniston and Russell Brand, among many others. He's also a guy who just really digs playing guitar, as you see in the following rare McCartney vid with legend Carl Perkins. This vid comes courtesy of Macca Rare Videos on youtube. They've got over 250 McCartney vids so if you're a Beatles, McCartney, or pop music fan, then drop by and check them out!

V. Stiviano Heckled after Being Attacked in NYC!

The following video shows the paparazzi doing what they do best: following, videoing, and harassing. In this case all three of these things are being done to V Stiviano.

In case you'd recently forgotten, she's the gal who exposed her boyfriend - LA Clippers' Skipper Don Sterling -for making racist comments. She did this by recording a conversation on her cell phone. That's the one where he asked her not to bring black guys to his games. While exposing racism is good, people seemed kind of uncomfortable about the way she did it.

So she's become a major tabloid news item. Especially since the whole story began to mushroom. 1st Sterling was disciplined with a fine, then a life time ban, and finally it looked like he might lose the team. I think that he, or his wife, are contesting that. Some say that the Clippers' performance is suffering. Meanwhile the story seems to be getting bigger and dragging more and more things into it. Kind of like Monica Lewinsky did back in Bill Clinton's presidency. That kind of makes Stiviano notorious, and maybe the papas feel it's okay to get aggressive.

Anyway you can take a look at the following video and decide for yourselves whether or not the friendly neighborhood shutterbugs are giving the gal a hard time.

Meanwhile Dr. Oz is getting grilled by the Senate. The want some answers about Dr Oz's various weight loss products; like whether they works and if there is any scientific basis for them. I'm not sure what Dr Oz's has answered for himself but as nearly as I can tell he is not now nor has he ever been a member of the Communist Party. Nor would he sell the Commies any weight loss products. However if he did sell the Commies weight loss products, would he switch the labels with some protein weight gain, and give them that in stead? How hard can we be about the way the man does business anyway? It's not like he was selling hair growth products.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

'Rob Ford The Musical' Hopefuls Do Their Best Impressions In 6 Seconds

There's no cure for bad luck but distraction. In the age of reality TV a scandal often leads to a musical! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had his scandals. He recently took some distraction time out in rehab. Meanwhile Rob Ford the Musical is underway. There's even some kind of open casting call in search of the person to play Rob on stage!

The Mayor is due out of rehab and back on the job on the after noon of June 30th. The local media is secretly relieved. There's a municipal election going on in Toronto. So far it seems to be a snoozeroo. That's usually the way Torontonians like it - good bland Canadian politics with earnest discussions on social programs and the environment.

Rob has shown the city that there is so much more to life than that; like appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and invitations to the Academy Awards (When Rob did LA, locals who are used to seeing celebs walk around casually as an everyday event mobbed Rob exclaiming "Hey, it's the Mayor!"). Rob showed sedate Toronto that they have what it takes to be larger than life and as outrageous as hell - while making the rest of the world stand up and take notice. The story got covered on Howard Stern, who conceded that "Toronto ain't Mayberry", by the BBC, and even farther afield. Torontonians weren't completely comfortable with the international attention, but now that Rob's been in rehab for awhile, some are starting to miss the sense of unpredictable excitement that he added to local politics. Whether he gets re elected it's safe to say that he's got a future in media, if he wants it. 

BTW I can categorically say that there is no truth to the rumour that radio show host and former FOX News commentator Glenn Beck (the guy with the chalk board) wants the role. At least I don't think that there's any truth to it.

Fairly unbalanced - FOX News has never really claimed ot be anything else




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